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Public Safety

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Security Alert For Royal Shores
A Royal Shores home was burglarized on  Nov. 28th at about 10:30 AM. Two thieves broke the glass out of the back door of the home, and thereby entered the residence without setting off the alarm. [more]

Trespasser Arrested in Royal Shores
On Thursday evening, 3/27, HPD officers arrested a high school teen and towed the teenagers truck to an impound facility. The charges were criminal mischief and evading police. The pick-up truck was... [more]

Garage Security - Important Safety Videos
The following are videos on how to break into a garage and how to deter thieves that may try it. You're encouraged to watch both.

How to get in a garage:

Breaking Into a Garage in 6... [more]

Security Patrols
Royal Shores Security PatrolsIn response to resident’s complaints about excessive speeding throughout the neighborhood as well as some criminal mischief, the Royal Shores Community Association... [more]

CommunityBulletin - Safety Alert
Community Safety Alert - Feral hogs have been observed near the Royal Shores entrance and in the area behind Kings Point and north of the Courts. These animals, while nocturnal for the most part,... [more]


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