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Security Patrols


Royal Shores Security Patrols

In response to resident’s complaints about excessive speeding throughout the neighborhood as well as some criminal mischief, the Royal Shores Community Association board in December contracted with Harris County Pct. 4 Constables to have off-duty Constables provide security services in Royal Shores on a floating schedule.

Between December 13, 2013 and January 4, 2014, Constables patrolling Royal Shores had made 36 traffic stops in the community. Issues ranged from speeding to running stop signs/disobeying traffic signs. Speeding, especially on Royal Shores Drive has been a paramount concern in the community for quite some time and board members hope the presence of the Constables, as a supplement to regular police patrols, will quell the desire of drivers to race along that road. As a reminder, the speed limit is 30 mph throughout the neighborhood.

In addition to the traffic stops, Constables issued at least 15 trespass warnings to individuals in RSCA parks, engaged one juvenile who was walking through the neighborhood after midnight and met a number of residents. The hope is that with enough disruption to trespassing and suspicious behavior in the parks, the culprits will ultimately be discouraged from conducting after-hours activities, which, in the past, have resulted in vandalism and destruction of RSCA property as well as empty bottles and other trash scattered about.

While having the Constables will, hopefully, provide a measure of reassurance about security in Royal Shores, residents must remember that it is incumbent on each of us to report suspicious activity to the police. It is not realistic to expect that the contracted Constables in conjunction with the police can prevent all illicit activity in our community. Residents should call police if they see anything suspicious. In an emergency, call 911. The non-emergency number for the Houston Police Department is: 713-884-3131.

Finally, young people have been observed getting out of golf carts, as well as vehicles parked in various cul-de-sacs and streets, and walking into the Nature Preserve, which is adjacent to Royal Shores Drive toward Pier Park, and possibly back onto land not owned by RSCA which is not supervised or attended to in anyway. Tire tracks have also been observed going back into an area that is clearly not developed between the Nature Preserve and the lake. Obviously the potential for injury to these young people is not insignificant as there is abundant wildlife, foliage, no lighting and no adult supervision in these areas. In addition, the potential for damage to homes in the neighborhood are not inconsequential should people gathering on this land engage in grilling or starting campfires in an area not supervised and not readily accessible to emergency crews.

The board asks that all residents speak to the young people in their homes about this issue and remind them that venturing into these areas is trespassing. We all remember being young and looking for places to congregate with friends so we are not unsympathetic to their plight. But our young people need to be advised that neither these undeveloped areas, nor the community’s parks after dark, are acceptable places to gather.

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