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Activity Update (February 2013)




-As of February 25, only 9 Royal Shores residents have not paid their 2013 Annual Assessments. We are hopeful that these residents will pay before 2/28/13 and avoid the monthly $75 late fee that will be assessed for those that have not paid before early March.


-Effective April 1, 2013, the Board has entered into a new management company contract with Sterling Association Services.  Sterling will send an introduction letter to all residents during mid-March with a listing of contact numbers, etc.  Sterling’s offices are located in the Randall’s Center in the front of Kingwood.


-An audit of the Association’s financial records for 2012 should be completed during March. Normally, HOA audits occur later in the year, but our auditor had some additional time in the first quarter and the Board decided to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure a timely audit of the RSCA records.


-Competitive bids for a Reserve Study have been requested.  The purpose of a reserve study is to have a professional engineering consultant inspect all the physical assets of the association and provide an analysis of the condition of the assets and their projected useful life cycle.  This analysis will provide the Board with guidance on how to plan our annual budget for future capital or large expense needs. RSCA physical assets include, but are not limited to, gazebos, pier, sidewalks, trellis, monuments, etc.


-The Board will be working on ways to develop enhancements to the landscaping at the entrance at Royal Shores Drive and at the Pier Park.  We realize the importance of the entrance and parks areas to the community.  The intent is to make the entrances to Royal Shores and our other amenities as inviting as possible given the budgetary constraints of any HOA.


-Friendswood Development Company (FDC) will begin hauling fill for the Eagle Tract from the area north of the Courts during the first half of 2013.  The Board is working with FDC to ensure the least impact on the residents of Royal Shores and developing a plan for working schedules, noise abatement, and traffic issues.


-There has been a marked increase of coyote sightings along Royal Shores Drive in recent weeks. We would urge residents to exercise caution.  Coyotes are wild, unpredictable animals and seem to be unafraid of human presence.  We have contacted the office of the Mayor regarding this matter.


-If you seek information regarding criminal activity in Royal Shores and Kingwood in general, visit www.spotcrime.com and enter your address.  The map will show any criminal activity that has been reported to the police.


-The next RSCA Board Meeting will be on March 28, 2013, at 7PM at the Reserve Pool meeting room.


RSCA BOD – 2/26/2013


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