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Reminder Notice on 2021 RSCAI Assessment

The 2021 Assessment statement notices were mailed at the end of November and many of our residents have already paid their 2021 Assessment in a timely manner. The Board wants to thank all of you for your prompt payment which enables the Directors to get our 2021 work program plans underway.

For the other residents who have not yet paid their Assessment in full, be reminded that the end of the grace period is January 31. If your payment in full is not received and credited to your Account by January 31 your Account becomes delinquent. For all Delinquent Accounts, interest is charged at 10% per annum rate and a monthly late payment penalty fee will be added to the $985 Assessment amount for each month (or portion thereof) until the Account is paid in full.

If you have misplaced your statement notice, or if you have any questions, please contact the Kingwood Association Management office at 281-359-1102 right away for any assistance needed.

Thank you,
The Royal Shores Board of Directors

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