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Security Alert For Royal Shores

A Royal Shores home was burglarized on  Nov. 28th at about 10:30 AM. Two thieves broke the glass out of the back door of the home, and thereby entered the residence without setting off the alarm. A video surveillance camera on the home next door captured some footage of the thieves as they left following the burglary. The video shows that a black Lexus IS350 sedan with dark-tinted windows turned into the driveway and picked up the two thieves. No license plates were visible on the Lexus.


The video footage was turned over to HPD, and the investigation is underway. Anyone with further information that may be pertinent to this incident should contact HPD.


Security Tips:
- Always activate your alarm system before leaving home
- Keep all fence gates locked as a deterrent to easy entry onto your property
- Consider adding surveillance cameras if you do not have them inside and outside your home
- Advise a nearby neighbor if you will be away from your home for several days or longer
- Arrange for someone to pick up any packages or newspapers that might accumulate otherwise
- Be watchful of other neighbors' property if you know they are going out of town
- HPD offers a Vacation Alert program if you will be out of town for an extended trip


Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season,
Your RSCAI Board of Directors
( Fred McCarty, Carol Atwood, Joe Sausnock, Simon Turton, Matt Vandergrifft)


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