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Board Activity Report

Board Activity Report—May 1, 2017

The financial condition of the Association has continued to improve over the past few years. For 2016, the Association achieved excellent results and finished the year with a savings of $38K versus budget despite incurring some expenditures that were not forecasted. The savings were achieved through assigning lead responsibility to a specific Director to plan and oversee each work item and project, working closely with the Subsidence District to reduce our water well costs, and monthly stewardship of the expenditures versus budget. The Reserve Fund balance was $97K at year-end. The Financial Audit for 2016 has just been completed, and there were no issues or exceptions taken by the Auditor.

Significant improvements of the front entrance landscaping have been completed, and we hope you enjoy the new look. Spring flower planting will follow shortly for the neighborhood entrances. Upcoming work includes removal of graffiti at the pier, then power-washing and re-staining the pier. We also will be getting bids to power-wash and repaint the big Gazebo and the trellis at the Pond. We have just signed a contract to have security lights installed to illuminate the parking areas at Pier Park, and the Board is evaluating additional security measures which may be undertaken to discourage teenagers and other young adults from assembling at Pier Park after dusk when the Park is closed. A third trash receptacle will be installed at Pier Park to help reduce the littering in the parking area that has been a frequent issue.

Safety and security are the responsibility of all of us as residents, and we urge you to contact the Houston Police Department (Kingwood Station) at 832-395-1800, if you see anything suspicious. You may also contact the non-emergency HPD hotline at 713-884-3131. Of course call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Your RSCAI Board of Directors

Fred McCarty, Carol Atwood, Andy Nicholls, Joe Sausnock, and Simon Turton

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