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Fall Color, Criminal Mischief, the Pier, HPD Staffing, and Feral Hog Trapping


In the next few weeks, fall color will return to Royal Shores. Our landscaper will be freshening the beds throughout the community and repairing the damage caused by feral hogs from a couple of weeks ago. The Board decided to delay the planned update due to the destruction that was incurred by the hogs in late September. While we run the risk of future damage, we have decided not to delay the project any longer.

The Board filed a criminal mischief report with HPD on Tuesday because someone stole ~15 Flax Lilies from the planting beds at the entrance off High Valley and at the entrance to Regal Point. This is the second time that Flax Lilies have been stolen from our beds. If you notice any suspicious activity, please call the non-emergency HPD hotline at 713-884-3131.

A contract has been signed to replace the pier at the Pier Park. The demolition of the existing pier and the rebuilding of the new pier should be completed about November 1st.

Councilman Dave Martin conducted a town hall meeting at the Kingwood Community Center on Thursday evening. Among topics discussed in the Q&A period was the staffing levels at the HPD station on Rustic Woods. Board members asked Councilman Martin to request that more officers be appointed to the Kingwood area. The staffing levels of officers have dropped in the past couple of years. Board members also met with Captain May, newly appointed to Kingwood, and briefed him on the problems of vandalism within Royals Shores and requested a greater presence on the weekends at the Pier Park.

Finally, the Board has contracted for the services of a feral hog trapper to hunt hogs, if any, that might nest on Royal Shores property. The trapper uses dogs to track the hog and, when captured, they are removed alive. If you hear dogs in chase mode in the evening, it will probably be the trapper in hot pursuit of feral hogs.

RSCA Board of Directors

October 11, 2013

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