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Tachus in the Neighborhood

As you may be aware, TACHUS is working to install their fiber network throughout Kingwood. Notice of impending work in Royal Shores has been received as door hangers at each residence and emails to those residents who expressed interest in TACHUS’ services.

Soon you will notice flags and/or paint in front of your home in the utility easement. It is important that you do NOT move any flags or paint that the utility companies are leaving in the right-of-way. Doing so could result in a utility line being struck. In addition, you may want to mark the location of your sprinkler system, landscape lighting or other systems that are in the utility easement.

Construction will occur in two phases. The first phase involves directional boring to place conduit in the ground along the right of way of each street. This should be minimally invasive and leave most of the ground surface undisturbed. In addition, a small, buried access hatch will be installed in front of each home. The second phase involves pulling the fiber through the conduit along the street’s right-of-way.

While TACHUS states that they will try to make the process as smooth as possible, if their contractor does damage to your property, you can call TACHUS at 832-791-1100. TACHUS indicates that they will promptly coordinate repairs.

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