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Feral Hog Update

Feral Hog Activity in Royal Shores:

As some residents are aware, RSCAI is experiencing feral hog damage in several Reserve areas again this fall. We have set up a corral trap to capture and remove these feral hogs from our area. Plans are to keep the trap operational as long as the hogs are present. The initial trap location is in a wooded area north of the Courts, however the trap may be relocated if necessary. Last season we caught and removed 20 hogs.

Signs are posted near the trap warning people to stay away from the trap. The trap and the surrounding area are baited to attract hogs into the trap. All residents and their guests are cautioned that feral hogs are unpredictable and can be very aggressive and dangerous, especially when there are young hogs in the group.

Several homeowners are experiencing hog damage on their property. Feral hogs typically are looking for grubworms. Residents may benefit from applying grubworm treatments to their lawns and flower bed areas. Feral hogs also like acorns which are prevalent from the many oak trees in our neighborhood. Residents may want to rake up and remove fallen acorns from their yard and along the edge of the street to avoid attracting hogs onto their property.

Occasionally, some residents put out kernel corn to feed the deer or other animals. Corn is another food source for hogs, so we request this practice be discontinued while the hogs are present.

Thanks for your cooperation and assistance.
Royal Shores Board of Directors

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