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2013 Annual Assessment Explanation


The 2013 Annual Assessment has been mailed by Kingwood Association Management (KAM) on 12/3/12. The 2013 Assessment is $985/lot, an increase of $100 to be put into the General Operating Account of the Association to enable the Association to begin building a much needed Reserve Fund to offset expenses for the overall maintenance of deteriorating structures (e.g. replacement of gazebo roof), any unanticipated issues, anticipated and unanticipated legal expenses, etc.

All motions pertaining to the 2012 Additional Assessment ($130) and the 2013 Annual Assessment ($885) by the Board on 11/15/12 were rescinded by the Board at a meeting on 11/29/12. At the 11/29/12 meeting, the Board of Directors established the 2013 Annual Assessment at $985.00.


As a reminder, the Annual Assessment is due 1/1/13, and payments received after 1/31/13 will accumulate interest.   If not received by 3/1/13, a late payment fee of $75.00 will be charged to your account.

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