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Feral Hog Update


On Saturday night we trapped eight additional feral hogs. Our trapper came out Sunday morning and transferred the hogs into his trailer-mounted cage for removal. He returned the trap to service. We will continue to monitor the situation for any new damage to RSCAI property or additional hog sightings on our game cameras.


This past weekend we trapped seven feral hogs in the trap located north of The Courts entrance. Our trapper removed the hogs on Sunday, and he returned the trap to service.


On Sunday morning, we trapped six feral hogs in the trap located near Pier Park. The Trapper arrived and removed the hogs soon after sunrise. The trap has been placed back in service.


Recently the feral hog trap was moved to the Pier Park area based on game camera sightings and physical evidence that the hogs were now resting on the undeveloped Friendswood acreage. RSCAI was able to secure Friendswood Development Company approval to access their property on a temporary basis. Residents and their guests should continue to avoid the area where the trap is located as the hogs are wild animals and they can be dangerous.


As some residents are aware, recently RSCAI began experiencing feral hog damage to various Reserve areas. Based on game camera sightings, there is only a small number of hogs in this group at this time. RSCAI set up a corral trap on October 1 to capture and remove these feral hogs. Plans are to keep the corral trap operational as long as the hogs are present.
Feral hogs tend to forage for food during the night. It may take a few days before the first hog enters the trap. Over several days, more and more hogs will enter the trap. The trapper will remotely trigger the trap when he determines that the entire group of hogs are present in the trap. The trapper will then remove the hogs early the following morning.

Signs are being prepared and will be posted near the trap warning people to stay away from the trap. The trap and immediate surrounding area is baited to attract the hogs into the trap. All residents and their guests are cautioned that feral hogs are unpredictable, and they can be aggressive and dangerous, especially when there are young hogs travelling in the group.
As an additional measure to help mitigate the hog activity on RSCAI property, we recently requested the KSA trapper to periodically hunt on out property. This trapper uses trained dogs to track down the hogs. The Board is hopeful that the use of dogs will capture additional hogs and drive any other hogs deeper into the forested area.

Thank you.
The Royal Shores Board of Directors.

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