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Feral Hogs Update


As some residents are aware, RSCAI has been experiencing feral
hog damage to various reserve areas over the last few months. Initially the
damage was primarily along Royal Shores Drive. In August, RSCAI moved the feral
hog corral trap to a new location in the Reserve area north of the Courts, and
subsequently four feral hogs were captured and removed from that location. Recently,
based on game camera sightings, the trap was moved to a new location on the
RSCAI reserve area that is south of the Courts. We caught and removed one small
hog this past Friday. Plans are to keep the corral trap operational as long as
the hogs are present.  

As an additional measure to help mitigate the hog activity
on RSCAI property, we recently requested the KSA trapper to periodically hunt
on our property. This trapper uses trained dogs to track down the hogs. The
Board is hopeful that the use of dogs will capture additional hogs and drive any
other hogs deeper into the forested area.

Signs are posted near the trap warning people to stay away
because the trap area is baited to attract the hogs into the trap. All
residents and their guests should be cautioned that feral hogs are
unpredictable, and they can be aggressive and dangerous.

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