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Update on Pond Status (6/13/2016)

Over the past two weeks we have worked with two engineering firms to determine what caused the Pond water level to drop to its current low levels and to find a satisfactory remedy. It appears that the heavy rains and storm water run-off that occurred on May 27-28 may have caused a weir in the pond overflow line to become dislodged. This allowed Pond water to freely flow into the storm water drain system and subsequently into Lake Houston. The Lake Houston water level continued rising due to abundant rainfall and large releases of water from Lake Conroe Dam into the San Jacinto River. As Lake Houston water levels rose, water flowed back from the lake through the Storm Water piping and into the Pond. Once Lake Houston dropped back to normal level, the Pond again lost most of its water.

Depending on contractor availability, we hope to implement temporary repairs of the system within the next week or so which would allow us to refill the Pond. If that interim fix is successful and the Pond can be maintained at its previous higher water level, then we can re-establish the operation of the fountain. At the current low water levels there is not sufficient water to be able to operate the fountain, and any attempt to do so would damage the fountain and lead to very costly repair or possibly require complete replacement.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work toward a satisfactory solution to re-establish Pond operations.

Your Board of Directors,
Ben Graves, Fred McCarty, John Gray, Joe Sausnock, Russell Kent

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