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More Flooding


Royal Shores Residents:

As a result of the recent, historic rainfall amounts in the Houston area, Lake Houston continues to rise to near record levels. As of Sunday AM at 8:00 AM, the flood stage on the West Folk of the San Jacinto River at Highway 59 has reached 61.7 feet above sea level which is ~17 feet above normal; and the highest level since the river reached 66.7 feet in 1994. Therefore, the levels of Lake Houston has likewise risen far above normal levels. The first picture of our pier at Pier Park was taken on Saturday morning and the level has increased since the picture was taken. The river is expected to crest sometime on Monday morning, May 30, and then slowly recede next week. Outflows from Lake Conroe will cause the river to recede even slower than usual.


 In addition, the pond level at the Pond Park mysteriously dropped almost 3 feet between approximately 10 PM on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. At this time, we do not have an explanation as to why this event occurred. The pond was full Friday evening and some dramatic, sudden event caused the water level to drop significantly. Since this is Memorial Day weekend, we have scheduled LakePro to inspect the pond on Tuesday in an effort to determine why the sudden discharge happened. In the meantime, we will not attempt to add water to the pond since we do not know what is going on. The second picture was taken at the pond on Saturday at noon. Also, unexpectedly, the pond level came back to it’s previous level on Sunday morning….probably the result of Lake Houston backing up in to the storm sewers.

Regarding the high levels of water at the Pier Park, we cannot begin to dispose of the debris/trash until the lake level returns to normal and the ground dries sufficiently enough to allow vehicles to be brought into the park to haul off the trash. Regarding the pond, as soon as we know why the sudden discharge took place, why the level came back up, and what needs to be done to correct the problem, we will keep you informed.

Rest assured, we are working to resolve these problems.

Your Board of Directors,
Ben Graves, Fred McCarty, John Gray, Joe Sausnock, Russell Kent
May 29, 2016

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