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Royal Shores Storm Cleanup Has Begun


Clean-up of our community has begun after the series of severe storms earlier this week. Contractors will begin the clean-up today and will continue for the next couple of days. Many tree limbs have been broken and there are a few trees that will have to be cut and removed.

The pier area in Pier Park has been impacted the most as the water level of Lake Houston is 5+ feet higher than normal. The surface of the pier is about 2 feet under water. It appears the water is beginning to recede very slowly…which is good news. The bad news is that the debris (plastic bottles, driftwood, trash, whole trees, etc.) have encroached 20-30 feet onto the ground around the pier. As the water recedes, the debris will be left on the ground for clean-up. But, the clean-up cannot begin until the water completely recedes to normal levels and the ground dries sufficiently to allow vehicles to access the area to begin to haul off the debris. So, the pier area clean-up will not take place immediately.

With the exception of the pier area, we expect to be back to normal by the week-end.

Your Board of Directors (Ben Graves, Fred McCarty, John Gray, Janet Maloney, & Joe Sausnock

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