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Board Activity Report - March 2016

The financial condition of the Association has dramatically improved in the past three years. When the first Board election was conducted in June 2012, the Association was in debt, had ~$24,000 in past due resident dues, and had no Reserve Fund for capital improvements or unforeseen contingencies/emergencies. Based on favorable 2015 year end financials, we have added $23,600 to the Reserve Fund bringing it to a new total of $73,600+/-. The financial condition has improved through contract bidding processes, assigning lead responsibility to a specific Director to oversee each work item and project, working closely with the Subsidence District (well water), and monthly stewardship of the Association’s budget expenditures vs. budget.

The Financial Audit of 2014 was completed in the first quarter of 2015; and the Financial Audit for this past year (2015) is now well underway and will be completed soon.

Feral Hogs began wreaking havoc in several areas of the community in the last quarter of 2015. Two trappers were hired in November and more than a dozen hogs were trapped. While we are fortunate that hog activity has subsided recently, we still have a corral trap installed on Reserve property north of the Courts. We want to thank the Kings Point CA for participating in offsetting the costs of the trapping project.

The Gazebo, Pier and Pond Parks have been recently power washed. The power washing of neighborhood walls and signs will be completed very soon.

Spring color plantings will begin in April. The regular weekly mowing schedule has been resumed, and ant control efforts are underway. Fertilizer applications and weekly mosquito control spraying will begin in April.

The application for renewal of our water well permit for 2016-17 has been submitted to the Harris Galveston Subsidence District. We are seeking approval for 4.2 million gallons for irrigation and to maintain an appropriate level in the pond at Pond Park. In addition, the association uses approximately 2.0 million gallons of City of Houston water for irrigation. In a typical year, RSCAI uses more than 6.0 million gallons to maintain the grass areas, flower beds, and the pond.

Finally, Safety and Security is a responsibility for all of us, as residents, and we urge you to contact the non-emergency HPD hotline at 713-884-3131 if you see something suspicious – or – call 911 in the event of an emergency.

We look forward to continued success in Royal Shores during 2016 and want to wish you and your family excellent health, happiness, and prosperity.

Your RSCA Board of Directors
Ben Graves, Fred McCarty, John Gray, Janet Maloney, & Joe Sausnock

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