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Feral Hog Control Program


As a way to mitigate the feral hog problem that has affected many residents in Royal Shores, the BOD has contracted with an insured hog trapper to set up a 30’ corral/trap on Royal Shores Reserve property near the Courts. We expect the trap to remain in place for approximately 90 days and will monitor closely how many hogs are captured.

In addition, the Board has been working with the City of Houston (Councilman Dave Martin’s office) and Friendswood Development Company. We are encouraged by the response from Councilman Martin’s staff in that they have provided a staff member as a resource person and are considering applying some budget money to address the problem.

We would caution all residents, including all members of their families and visiting friends, not to enter the forested reserve areas where the corral/trap may be located. Feral hogs can be very aggressive.

We will keep you informed as the initial trapping goes forward.

Your Board of Directors,
Ben Graves, Fred McCarty, John Gray, Janet Maloney
November 3, 2015

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