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Notice to Residents

-First, as a reminder, if you have not returned your Annual Meeting Election Proxy to Kingwood Assoc. Management in the stamped, addressed envelope that was supplied in the mailing on June 4, 2015, please do so.  Ballots must be received before the close of business on June 24, 2015 … if you do not plan to attend the meeting on June 25th.


-Next, the recent rain & wind from Tropical Storm Bill and the weather pattern two weeks before Bill have combined to create a mess at our Pier Park and has caused several trees throughout the community to fall or break off significant limbs. We have pier shoreline cleaning already underway, but will need to wait for the ground to dry out in the park & common areas before removing the dead trees so that the tree service company vehicles do not cause ruts in the grass.


-Finally, the torrential rains of a couple of weeks ago have washed away much of the seeded areas along Royal Shores Drive that were spread in an effort to restore grass to some of the stressed areas.   When the rain subsides, we can evaluate whether or not additional seeding is required. 

Your Board of Directors: 

Ben Graves, Fred McCarty, Sandy West-Graham, John Gray,Henry Ondursek

June 18, 2015

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